USA trip: Cobb Salad and Weetbix

This is the final post from my USA trip. Last week I shared the highlights from my overnight visit in Hawaii on the way home to Australia. I have two favourite foods when I’m travelling in the USA. The first is Weetbix, and I travel with a small box of Weetbix from Australia. A bowl of Weetbix with milk is my preferred breakfast, whether I’m at home or abroad.


My second favourite food is Cobb Salad. It’s very difficult to find Cobb Salad on a restaurant menu in Australia. There is one pizza chain where I live that offers it, but it doesn’t compare in taste or quality to the Cobb Salads I’ve sampled in the USA.


Above is a photo of a Cobb Salad I enjoyed in a Seattle restaurant. Below is a photo of a Cobb Salad from an Indianapolis restaurant.


The photo below is a Cobb Salad from a restaurant in Portland, Oregon.


I’m heading back to the USA in July for the Romance Writers of America conference, and I’ll be looking for Cobb Salad in San Antonio, Texas. The cinnamon roll I sampled in Oregon was a definite foodie highlight. We don’t have cinnamon rolls in Australia.


The most interesting food I sampled was dirty chips at a baseball game in Seattle. I will always associate baseball with the garlic aroma of dirty chips.


Next Friday I’m starting a new travel series on my blog called Friday Weekend Escapes. I hope you’ll stop by and check out the gorgeous locations we can dream about visiting, or visit through reading a good fiction book set in that location.

USA trip: American Baseball

Last Friday I shared my Seattle highlights and visit to the Space Needle. I’ve always wanted to see a live American baseball game. I was thrilled when my friend Suzie Johnson told me that we’d be in Seattle on a baseball weekend. The Seattle Mariners are her team and they were playing an afternoon game against the Tampa Bay Rays at Safeco Field.


We visited the merchandise store and I purchased Seattle Mariners baseball caps to take home to the family. Since we had arrived early, we walked around the staduim and absorbed the atmosphere.


The photo below was taken from the seating right next to the diamond.


We had purchased seats in the cafe, which is different to what I’m used to back home at sporting venues. The seats came with a food voucher for lunch. We sat at a long bar style table right in front of the window. The photo below was taken during lunch while we watched the game.


The Mariners ended up losing the game, but Suzie and I enjoyed a lovely day at the baseball despite the loss. The other thing I’ll always associate with baseball is dirty chips. I walked around the stadium and all I could smell was garlic. We have hot chips in Australia, usually seasoned with salt and occasionally with chicken salt. My kids like hot chips with tomato sauce (ketchup). Dirty chips are seasoned with garlic, chilli, parsley, parmesan and chopped pork belly. I couldn’t resist ordering a bowl, just to see if they tasted as good as they smelled!


Stop by next Friday to read about another highlight from my USA trip…the great train adventure.