Her Tycoon Hero featured on Foreign Affaire (plus giveaway)

Her Tycoon Hero is the featured book for November on the Foreign Affaire blog. We’re also giving away a print copy of Her Tycoon Hero (worldwide) at Foreign Affaire.

BOOK AND AUTHOR OF NOVEMBER: Her Tycoon Hero by Narelle Atkins


Down Under in Sydney, Australia ~ Setting for Her Tycoon Hero


Ryan Mitchell ~ Sun-loving Water Baby Tycoon Hero of HER TYCOON HERO


Ryan Mitchell ~ A Few of Our Tycoon Hero’s Favorite Things


Cassie Beaumont ~ Her Tycoon Hero’s Recovered and Restored Heroine


Cassie Beaumont ~ Heroine of Her Tycoon Hero ~ A Few of Her Favorite Things


Narelle Atkins ~ Up Close and Personal


Narelle Atkins ~ On Writing


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